Floating on dark forces


It was just 5 years ago when a marvellous yet terrifying thing happened to my brother and me. Before I start with my story I must note that in this period we lived in difficult conditions. You could say that we lived a trife life surrounded with negativity and anguish. If I can speak for myself, I have experienced pure hollowness, nothing else mattered anymore… I just wanted some rest from all these hectic people working at the refugee camp and the social service centre. I didn’t even want to be happy… All I wanted was blackness, blackness and silence because I didn’t believe in happy endings anymore. My brother Figaro(he doesn’t want me to mention his real name) and I did not have a solied life. We used to live between the refugee camp and a temporary orphanage home (our mother had a serious traffic accident and was not able to take care of us). Before the moment of extraordinary happenings, my brother and I had taken our usual route that lead us to the orphanage home. Every Sunday we had to return to the orphanage home from the refugee camp. At that time, it was fall and the full moon returned from his death. Our route was so dark that the moon seemed even brighter than usual. The silence of the road, the whistling wind and the crawling entities gave a sinister ambiance to the surroundings. The timing of the ambiance began to grow in our minds and because of that, my brother and I unintentionally started to talk about occult things like black magic, cursings, people that could manipulate matter, spirits, gypsies, rituals and many more strange/mysterious things. I tried to explain my brother that all these things can be explained by metaphysics and dimension theories. I wasn’t the kind of person that believed in superstitions and other irrational “wonders”.  Our convictions clashed with each other and afterwards we created a heated discussion.

ME: “You got to realize that your environment reacts on your thoughts and firm beliefs and when some things happen that are not usual, you can experience this like a surreal perception”.

FIGARO: “ How could you say that, so you want me to believe that our senses can lie to us ?”. 

ME: “Yes our senses lie to us all the time, don’t forget that your brains are deciding how you see the reality and not you in particular”.

FIGARO:“That’s some mumbo-jambo coming out your mouth, if a sane man sees something supernatural you cant disapprove his sighting because of some so called psychological stimulants.”. 

ME: “Yeah right, like there are no people with schizophrenia or religious fanatics that come to trance and see things that are actually produced by their brains”.

FIGARO: “ Why are you denying that there are dark forces and miracles”. 

ME: “ No don’t get me wrong my brother, I don’t deny it, I just think that these things can be reasoned by rational thinking, I don’t want to create any misunderstandings within my healthy brain”.

FIGARO: “How so, can you be more specific ?”.

ME: “Now let’s assume that there are people who can band the reality, but the way I see it, it has nothing to do with miracles or divine powers. People often forget that our minds have the ability to achieve great things”  .. “We have undiscovered powers that are hidden deep in our complex brain .. one of the strongest forces that we have is the power of our thoughts”.

FIGARO: “You mean mind over matter, right ?”. 

ME: “ If you detach yourself from your daily business and go deeper into questioning the existence itself .. then you can experience some kind of a trance and when this trance feeling becomes a part of your life, you slowly can decode the nature and the mechanics of the world… just connect yourself with the world and you will understand how simple things in life can have a great impact to the process of “constructing reality”.. Your mind will constantly be drifting in the higher spheres”.

FIGARO: “ I still don’t get how getting in some weird ecstasy can help you understand strange dark activities like ghost appearances and black magic”.

ME: “ I can surely tell you that, when one starts to believe in something that doesn’t exist, there are  some ways how the cosmos can reacts to this. The first possibility of reality bending is … it stays in your world of ideas but this doesn’t change the fact that this isn’t real. Everything you see around you, has started from an idea. Your idea world is stronger than everything outside of you, just read the cave story of Plato and you will understand this. The second possibility is that your mind is playing tricks on you, which is the most common thing that occurs when something supernatural happens (you want to believe what you saw and you ignore every reasonable fact, just to defend your own beliefs). And the last least popular possibility is that your mind is so advanced that it can manipulate matter, but this still have to be proven by science”. 

FIGARO: “ I don’t know bro, the only thing that I want, is to understand these things and eventually see the bigger picture”. 

ME: “I don’t think that such thing is possible, you can’t come further than to try to understand the visible world around you. Just look at all of this .. Creations that circulate and react to each other, it’s like a perfect written script that guides the mechanics of nature”.  

FIGARO: “ I also believe that spirits can enter living organisms and interfere with the actions of that being”. 

ME: “You buy that kind of crap, but you can’t be persuaded by my reasonable plea ?”. 

As we slandered our way towards the orphanage facility, a cat had been following us for quite a long time. My brother Figaro noticed the cat and warned me that it had been following us for more than a kilometre. I told him that there is no need to take that cat seriously. We probably have some smell that attracts that silly animal. Suddenly, the cat disappeared in the woods. The place where we walked, was absorbed by darkness. We could only see the shiny eyes of the cat vanishing in the bush. Just like that, we forgot the cat and continued our road. The silence was so intense that our voices seemed to be like a pandemonium in the peaceful yet frightening woods.  We were so concentrated to convince each other about our world view, that we didn’t even notice the crawling sound that came from the bushes. We reached the end of the woods when all of a sudden the same cat that chased Figaro and me appeared in front of us. I was so frightened that I made a little jump, my brother couldn’t stop laughing.

FIGARO: “Bro you shoookkk”. 

I didn’t listen to my brothers rants and just focused on the eyes of the cat. The cat looked at me in a peculiar evil way and she didn’t take her eyes of me. Right at the moment when I turned my eyes away, the cat attacked my leg. It almost happened simultaneously. I tried to take the cat away from my leg but she(I explain later in my story why the cat is a female) was in an extreme outrage. My brother even laughed harder and I started to panic because the cat didn’t stop biting me and I almost felt the fangs penetrating my skin. I didn’t want to kick that animal but my exertion to remove the cat from my leg was so immense, that the cat must have felt some certain pain.

FIGARO: “Just kick that cat from your leg for heavens sake !”. 

Eventually the cat released her teeth from my leg and ran away with a high screech. I checked my leg for any damage .. it was bleeding badly, I needed something to cover my wound or else my blood would drip into my shoes. Luckily my brother had some tissues in his pocket. After a moment of fright, we, surprisingly enough, were very calm and laughed about that happening.

ME: “I just can’t believe where that cat got its audacity to attack me, what a retard”.

FIGARO: “That’s probably a bad omen, I told you so hahaha”.

ME: “Please shut up, insteed of laughing your ass off you could have helped me”. 

As we continued to bullshit about what just happened, our road became more narrow. We proceeded talking about subliminal and occult things. In a moment my mind dwelt of and I randomly got some outward thoughts 

“The night never rejects.. but always embraces you in its own darkness. The bigger your sins the more likely you will be accepted”. 

This thought made me drowsy, I really didn’t have the attention or desire to answer back at my brothers talk, so I pretended to listen and nodded him until a new peculiarity showed up. A huge massive crow landed middle on the road and stared at us.. just like that. Since I was more vigilant after that other weird occurrence, I stopped for a moment and examined the crow that was uncommonly big. Because of the mighty darkness around us, my brother didn’t see the black crow who gazed at us like a mad creature 

FIGARO: “Hurry up ara, what you standing for ?”.

ME: “Hush ! look at that fatass crow, have you ever seen a huge moaf***** like this ?!”.

FIGARO: “F that bird, just continue walking, I’m freezing out here”. 

At the moment when I wanted to leave the bird alone, the same damned cat showed up and stood still in front of the crow. It happened behind my back but my brother just glimpsed the appearance of the cat.

FIGARO: “You got to be kidding me, look who’s here”.

I turned around and freaked the fuck out.

ME: “Oh my God they’re now staring at each other, what the hell is this supposed for ?!”. 

FIGARO: “Haha that’s your “bulletproof” universe mechanism theory right there”. 

I didn’t feel the need to respond to his cynical crap so I still focused on these two creepy animals and they still didn’t look away from each others eyes. They didn’t make any sound or movement, this made me even more frightened.

ME: “Lets get the fuck out of here I don’t like this freaky shit at all”.

My brother still laughed and didn’t take anything seriously, which gave me some calmness. After that, my body just followed the footsteps of my brother but my mind was in a deep evaluation about the thing that just happened. With a strong scrutiny I tried to construct and reprocess what I had seen. Maybe my mind tricked me and exaggerated the things just because I had a compounding debate with my brother moments before the cat/crow incident. 

“You can control your mind with your inner thoughts but you can’t control the process of your brains, your senses react on the reality through your conscience but the most dominant aspect is especially your uncontrolled subconscious brain. Your perception is the synthase of these two parts that are melted together”.   

It’s not that my brother Figaro is a boring speaker but I’m always wandering deep in my mind without being aware that someone is talking to me. Believe me I had many problems with my social-circle, only because I’m unawareingly wandering off. My brother began to tell me about a gypsy friend of him, whose mother was a sorcerer that was specialized in black magic. I decided to give him a random answer so he didn’t notice that I was’t listening to him.

ME: “Yoo don’t generalize these people, you’re sounding like a racist douchebag right now”.

FIGARO: “I’m serious, these people have the ability to curse you or to cast a spell on any kind of shit”.

ME: “I got one word .. swindlers”.

FIGARO: “And now you’re doing the same thing you fucking hypocrite”.

ME: “Hold on, look at the bench over there”.

I have gone through many crazy shit in my life but what I was going to see, that surpassed everything. Four gypsy man around 30s/40s were standing nearby a park bench. The amount of goosebumps I had was overwhelming. Finally the grin of my brothers face disappeared and now he really looked like he was about to go insane.  Just when we thought that this was the craziest part of our midnight adventure, one of the gypsies shouted “Ajde majko ajde majko”(Serbian translation: Come here mother, come here mother). For the next 30 seconds everything went slo-mo, our eyes refused to believe what they were seeing.  The same o cat that attacked me and did that weird thing with the crow, that cat was speeding towards the gypsy who shouted at her. Apparently it was a female cat that was called Majko, in Serbian it means mother. I happened to know the meaning of that word since I had some Serbian friends. A few seconds past away and I was still paralyzed but it got worse. The crow appeared as well, I shit you not … our reality was thrown apart .. the silence was also so loud that I could hear my blood streaming in my veins .. my brother looked at me and we knew that a decision had to be made. We didn’t have time to ask questions like “In the name of all what’s good, how the hell did this happen”, “Is this a spell, a demonic séance, errors in the universe mechanism”. No, no the questions must wait, we needed to get the fuck out from there, but how and when? Not one single braincell was able to function after that shock. Next thing, the gypsies saw us and waved in our direction. At that moment I was totally numb. My arms waved back but I swear I didn’t intended to do so, it was a non-self-acting movement. Half a minute past by and I almost forgot that my brother was behind me. His face expression changed immediately, it was atrocious and he looked like he was bewitched , something was holding his words back.

FIGARO: “For the Heaven’s sake and the love of God let’s leave this place”. 

We both wanted to run away and scream like a mad man but the surprising thing was that we had accepted our faith. Somehow, we both understood that this was inevitable, some life lessons which couldn’t be skipped. It was like we suddenly had a collective-mind and didn’t even have to speak a word to explain what this all was about. We followed our route silently, didn’t say a word nor  did we dare to look at each other. We knew from that moment that nothing could amaze or frighten us anymore. The extraordinary became a common thing. This noted, we saw an “uncommon” occurrence again. We almost got home when my brother suddenly stood still and stared into the distance. The direction where he looked at was a high secured factory.

ME: “Figaro we are almost home, we can’t permit any other stuff of this, can’t you see that we are becoming insane”.

He non-verbally made me clear with his pointing signs that I must come near to him.

FIGARO: “Just look”.

I didn’t see anything and shrugged with my shoulders.

ME: “What’s the matter man, please bro lets just go”. 

FIGARO: “A demon”.

Now, I could see it .. Shiny red eyes were floating in the extreme darkness. At a certain moment they became bigger and we heard footsteps. That thing was running towards us ! BAMMMM ! But thank God we heard a loud noise of a bumping sound. My brother ran to the place where the sound came of.

ME: “Yoo just hold it right there, you don’t know with what your dealing with”.

FIGARO: “Nothing matters anymore just come and see what creature it was”.

When we arrived at the place of the loud noise, we saw a huge fence in front of us. And there it was, the freighting creature was a Rottweiler. The dog was unconscious because it bumped in a way too hard way into the concrete part of the fence. But the question remained, what made that dog so ferocious that it didn’t noticed the huge fence. It eventually woke up and walked away very solemn. Before we left, we saw a crow landing at the high fence. Of course this was inaudible but we couldn’t care less. The apprehensions were gone. It was like we needed this to overcome our fears,  nevertheless we learned our lesson to not play around about occult things, subjects that we don’t understand, reality that is beyond our perception. We still cant figure out about the source of these strange events. Did it come from evil forces? Was it a reality error or God that wanted to teach us a lesson? But one thing that my brother and I are sure of, is that our life will never be the same. I guess we floated on dark forces. 

 Hayk Davidi Abrahamian

31-08-2014 Apeldoorn